Engage: Long roads to White House, NFL and 'Hollywouldn't'
While he casts himself as an outsider, Republican Herman Cain was once a Washington lobbyist.
October 24th, 2011
11:01 AM ET

Engage: Long roads to White House, NFL and 'Hollywouldn't'

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Cain, now running as outsider, came to Washington as lobbyist
“Herman Cain, the Republican presidential candidate with the sharp wit and easy-to-remember tax plan, is a cancer survivor, radio host and former chief executive of Godfather’s Pizza. On the campaign trail, he talks up his business experience, casting himself as a 'problem solver' and Washington outsider. But the role that helped propel Mr. Cain into politics was that of an ultimate Washington insider: industry lobbyist.” - The New York Times

Kal Penn: From 'White Castle' to White House and back
“The 34-year-old UCLA grad is back plying his craft in Los Angeles after a two-year sojourn as a mid-level staffer in the White House, complete with a security clearance and a $41,000-a-year salary.” - Los Angeles Times

Interview with San Francisco mayoral candidate David Chiu
"I have been an Asian American activist since my days as the president of the Asian American Association in college at Harvard University. I moved to San Francisco 15 years ago, in part because our city is the Asian American capital in the United States. I ran for office in 2008 because I wanted to represent a city that, at the time, has very few Asian Americans in office.” - AsianWeek

NFL’s black coaches still have challenges to face at the top
“How do minority and African-American coaches get into those rooms? Hard work and learning as much as they can about all facets of the offense beyond the positions they were hired to coach.  Then there is relationship-building. Preparation and hard work matter, but someone with power in an organization must open the door.” - The New York Times

Rita Moreno, John Leguizamo talk Latin life in 'Hollywouldn't'
"Rita Moreno — the only Latino performer to win an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony — is reprising some of her most memorable characters in a solo show at the Berkeley Repertory Theater. Up the coast in Los Angeles, John Leguizamo, who co-starred opposite Al Pacino in 'Carlito's Way' and voiced Sid the sloth in the animated 'Ice Age' films, is performing another of his acclaimed solo shows. And while their Hollywood success came 40 years apart, the two say they encountered many of the same hurdles. Like Moreno a generation before, Leguizamo made it in Hollywood his way. And he's learned that the best roles are the ones you create yourself." - National Public Radio

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