November 1st, 2011
05:57 PM ET

'Adult bullies' harass school after lesbians win Homecoming crowns

A lesbian couple was crowned Homecoming king and queen at a San Diego high school, CNN affiliate KGTV reported, but since then, the school has received "hateful" calls and e-mails, many of them from adults who live outside of San Diego. In a statement, San Diego schools Superintendent Bill Kowba said the response from "adult bullies" is disrupting the school after a "happy and positive" event.

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Engage: Crack sentencing changes today; Soldier’s death raises questions
The death of Army Pvt. Danny Chen is under investigation.
November 1st, 2011
11:31 AM ET

Engage: Crack sentencing changes today; Soldier’s death raises questions

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Crack sentencing change begins today
"On Tuesday, [the sentencing disparity for offenses involving crack versus powdered cocaine] will ease dramatically as permanent new federal sentencing guidelines for crack cocaine take effect. The guidelines, approved by large bipartisan Congressional majorities in 2010, affect not only new defendants, but will retroactively apply to the sentences of an estimated 12,000 federal inmates, more than 1,000 of whom will be eligible for immediate release next week. " - The Huffington Post

Justice Department sues South Carolina over immigration law 
“The Obama administration has asked a court to block parts of South Carolina's new immigration law, saying those provisions are unconstitutional and interfere with federal immigration authority.” - Voice of America

Yale study: Soft drink makers target black and Hispanic teens, children
“A recent Yale study released Monday found that soft-drink makers are targeting black and Hispanic children and teenagers in their U.S. ad campaigns.” - New York Daily News


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