Exploring who we are, who we're becoming
November 7th, 2011
01:15 PM ET

Exploring who we are, who we're becoming

In America is about the America you may or may not see – a cultural crossroad that exists in every town, city and state. We examine the nuances of what people believe, even when those beliefs are based on perceptions and not necessarily on facts.

Sometimes, the candid answers we uncover result in celebrations of lives defined by success, triumph and progress. Sometimes, we explore pain and hurt so deep they should not be forgotten or repeated.  And sometimes, we step back and laugh about those oh-so-serious conversations.

This began in 2008, when CNN produced a documentary called “Black in America.” The response was overwhelming and that single project eventually led to another, “Latino in America.” Then that documentary led to another, then another. Four years later, we’ve produced 18 In America documentaries including “Unwelcome, The Muslims Next Door”, “Education in America: Don’t Fail Me” and “Gary and Tony Have a Baby.”

Now, In America is expanding further with the launch of this blog.

Your notion about who you are is tied to your personal experiences; In America is an opportunity for you to see the country from other points of view. Our blog will combine reporting, narratives, images and opinions to help define and contextualize the modern American experience. We will introduce the unnoticed, reconsider averages and uncover fresh perspectives.

We are deliberately not splitting this conversation into separate blogs for different types of people. By keeping this identity dialogue in a single space, we acknowledge that we all have different experiences, but we’re all in this together.

Some of In America’s regular features will include:

  • Engage – daily identity-related content from around the web
  • The Tally –  interactive polls to get the conversation going
  • Rareviews – first-person video commentaries on the way people live in the United States
  • Trendsetters – regular reports on cultural trends

Every In America story attempts to answer questions. Who is American? What is essential to being American and what is non-negotiable? What is the source of our innovating spirit and how do we keep that fire burning? What happens when we challenge stereotypes and caricatures? What makes some of us strong enough to survive suffering as extreme as slavery? How have some immigrated to America with nothing and built empires?

In America offers a daily look at how we are changing - minorities becoming the majority, the new price of poverty, the end of "don't ask, don't tell."

So, what defines you? Maybe it’s the shade of your skin; the place you grew up; the accent in your words; the makeup of your family; the gender you were born with; the intimate relationships you chose; your generation. As the American identity changes, we will be there to report it.

CNN is proud of the always compelling In America stories airing on TV and published on CNN.com. I invite you to let us know if a story moves you and if you see your reflection. Send your ideas and comments to inamerica@cnn.com.

In America illuminates who we can be.

Welcome to In America,

Geraldine Moriba
Executive editor, CNN In America

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