November 8th, 2011
02:38 PM ET

Arizona immigration law author faces recall

(CNN) - The state senator who wrote Arizona's controversial immigration law faces a recall election Tuesday in what is considered a referendum on public support for tough measures against illegal immigrants.

Russell Pearce, a fifth-generation Arizonan representing a suburban Phoenix district, is challenged by fellow Republican Jerry Lewis in the election forced by recall petitions seeking Pearce's ouster.

The heated campaign has included accusations of dirty tricks, with Lewis supporters saying a third candidate who later dropped out but remains on the ballot - Olivia Cortes - was intended to siphon votes from Lewis.

In recent days, Lewis supporters complained of campaign robo-calls that they said targeted Hispanic voters and advised them to protest the election because no Democratic candidate was running. To Lewis supporters, the calls were an attempt to dissuade likely Pearce opponents from voting for Lewis.

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