November 13th, 2011
11:43 AM ET

NewMe Accelerator participants: Who they are and what they create

Editor's note:  The NewMe Accelerator brought together eight black entrepreneurs for a two-month immersion in tech startup culture - a culture dominated by young males, mostly white and Asian. These six entrepreneurs participated in the accelerator. Watch how it turns out when Soledad O'Brien reports the documentary, "Black in America: The New Promised Land – Silicon Valley," at 8 p.m., 11 p.m., and 2 a.m. ET on February 11 and February 12. Learn more about the NewMe founders and their companies.

CEO Tiffani Bell created Pencil You In in 2009.

Pencil You In allows hairstylists, makeup artists, nail techs and barbers to accept client appointments online.

The company is working on getting approval for an iPhone application that carries the same functions as the website, and also allows clients to upload photos of desired hairstyles and search for hairstyle ideas.

The site is up and running and currently operating without any outside funding.

Crisson Jno-Charles, chief technology officer, and Alisa Boguslavskaya, CEO, co-founded Fetchmob in 2010.

Fetchmob is an online service that allows users to ask members of their community to buy everyday items for them, like detergent and cold medicine. Shoppers can post requests for specific items and members of their community can purchase it for them during one of their shopping runs.

The company was launched on several college campuses in September and is continuing to expand. The founders decided to not pursue funding because they say the business hasn’t required additional capital.

CEO Hank Williams founded Kloud.co in 2008.

Kloud.co puts users personal data in the cloud and lets them search it. It's like a Google search engine for the information universe. It also allows users to create shared spaces online.

Kloud.co is still seeking additional investors and is expecting to launch broadly in January 2012.

Co-founders Pius Uzamere and Becky Cruze started BeCouply in 2011.

BeCouply is a mobile app and network for couples. It allows couples to discover new date spots and date ideas, post and share their special moments, and connect with their couple friends.

They have recently moved the company to the west coast and have received pre-seed investments. They are expecting to launch in late November and will work to get another round of funding after the launch.

Anthony Frasier and co-founder Alex Galkin created Playd in 2011.

Playd is a social network application for mobile devices that connects video game players across multiple platforms. Gamers can share their experiences playing games available on all gaming systems, and post their recommendations and feedback for other gamers to see.

They are preparing to launch the application for the iPhone and Android in the United States.  No official date has been set. The founders are currently talking to potential investors.

Hajj Flemings is CEO and co-founder of Gokit, which was founded in 2011.

Gokit is an online identity platform that allows users to create visually compelling personal homepages that tell their stories and share their social network connections in a central location.

Currently, Gokit is in beta testing with early adopters and seeking investment.

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