Engage: Rise in anti-Latino hate crimes; Parents sue after son bullied
Boxer Manny Pacquiao "makes boxing lovable by being lovable."
November 15th, 2011
04:39 PM ET

Engage: Rise in anti-Latino hate crimes; Parents sue after son bullied

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Two-thirds of 2010 hate crimes based on ethnicity bias targeted Hispanics The FBI released its 2010 Hate Crime Statistics report that showed the number of hate crimes reported were on par with those reported last year. But among hate crimes based on ethnicity, the number targeting Latinos surged from 45% in 2009 to 66% in 2010. - New York Daily News

Boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, unlikely hero
"It is not just that Pacquiao is Filipino — and classically, undoubtedly so, all the way down to his shameless adoration for karaoke and tendency to belt out George Benson hits on late-night American talk shows — it is that he is Filipino and he is Great. " - Salon

Parents sue school district after son bullied due to Middle Eastern heritage For more than a year, David Osama Haddad was called a “terrorist” and “Little Osama” at his school in Indiana. The harassment culminated last week when he was badly beaten. His parents, Hind and Osama Haddad, filed a lawsuit Monday “asserting that school officials failed to protect the 17-year-old junior from at least seven bullies who targeted him and taunted him because of his Middle Eastern heritage." - The Los Angeles Times

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