December 6th, 2011
05:01 AM ET

Writer Nelson George: Hip-hop fact and fiction

Nelson George's new book, "The Plot Against Hip Hop," is a novel, but it has one foot in the real world, the one in which hip-hop exists - including characters modeled on himself, and the real Russell Simmons. But modern hip-hop is meant more to make people dance or buy products, he said. Right now, he said, hip-hop doesn't reflect the realities of its listeners.

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  1. iheardthat

    He's makes an interesting point about hiphop music today in my generation. The reality of working or poor people not actually having the means to afford expensive products and a high class lifestyle vs images of rappers being portrayed as if they are living in an upper class position. To the point, of even being delusional because they don't yet have the millions of dollars they rap about but are working to attain it. Also, unlike Biggie and Pac, today's rappers are no longer representative of the people in our society. They rap as if everybody has millions of dollars and can spend money like them, which is scary because due to "strain" people may resort to illegal means to gain that social or financial status. Clearly, an illusion. There is no quality in our music. It SUCKS!!! The people have the true talent aren't yet discovered or in the in the mainstream media that is..

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