January 5th, 2012
04:07 PM ET

Teen mistakenly deported to Colombia

Update: Colombia to hand over mistakenly deported teen

By Ed Lavandera, CNN

(CNN) - A Dallas teenager who ran away from home more than a year ago somehow wound up deported to Colombia after U.S. authorities mistook the girl, who lacked identification, for a Colombian national.

Now her family is demanding to know why immigration authorities deported the now-15-year-old teen - a U.S. citizen with no knowledge of Spanish - and why they simply took her at her word when she gave them a fake name.

The family of Jakadrien Turner had been searching for her since she ran away in the fall of 2010. Her grandmother scoured Facebook looking for the girl, viewing Jakadrien's friends' pages for any information.

"There's no words," her mother, Johnisa Turner, told CNN of the ordeal. "It hasn't been easy at all."

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