School will continue using Fighting Sioux nickname
Jean-Philippe Lamoureux of the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux tends goal during a game in Denver in 2008.
February 9th, 2012
10:56 AM ET

School will continue using Fighting Sioux nickname

By Kevin Conlon and Phil Gast, CNN

(CNN) - The dispute between the NCAA and the University of North Dakota over its Fighting Sioux nickname and logo took a new turn Wednesday when the school said the filing of petitions requires it to use the nickname and logo while the issue plays out, possibly in a statewide vote.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has a policy against mascots "deemed hostile or abusive toward Native Americans."

But people who favor the mascot filed petitions Tuesday with North Dakota Secretary of State Al Jaeger.

The petitioners have a two-pronged strategy.

One move calls for the state constitution to be changed in order to stipulate the use of the Fighting Sioux name. If certified, that measure would be on the November ballot. Petitioners have until August to submit signatures.

The other effort calls for voters to decide in June whether to repeal a law that permitted the school to drop the name. Those petitions were filed this week.

In the meantime, university President Robert Kelley said the school is resuming the use of the name and logo.

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