Engage: The significance of Whitney Houston
February 13th, 2012
11:02 AM ET

Engage: The significance of Whitney Houston

Engage with news and opinions from around the web about under-reported stories from undercovered communities.

Opinion: Whitney Houston "set a new standard for Gen X, she was our Diana Ross, our Billie Holiday" -The Huffington Post

Federal court to hear legal challenge to California's affirmative action ban in public college admissions – MercuryNews.com

A portrait of where and why Americans are more conservative -The Atlantic

Obama administration plans policy "summits" aimed at boosting support from Latinos - Houston Chronicle

Occupy movement comes to university classrooms -USA Today

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  1. Absynthe

    All of us did a little coke back in the '80s – none of us realized what a horrible monster Addiction would become for so many of our friends! She's unfortunately, one of those who's addiction was publicly played out, up close and personal.

    Addiction is a BRAIN DISEASE, deep within the brain. And when that switch is flipped, the addiction drives the person, especially if it's a multi-substance abuse issue. When I saw heard she was simply drinking champagne, I knew in my heart, this was so dangerous for Ms. Houston. None of her non-addictive friends could comprehend it, because they didn't see her with illicit drugs + alcohol. But she was SCREAMING for help, people! Someone who suffers multi-substance abuse like she did, one ITEM trips the switch, deep within her brain!! When good people do nothing – and her friends feared to do something, because they were afraid she'd cut them out – she was sadly doomed! Because the ADDICTION itself drives people away from them – then they cry wolf, saying how nobody wants to be around them. See how my fans adore me!?

    See how Michael Jackson died, all alone, but was adored by his fans, because his publicist would call the fans just before he went anywhere!?

    There's no secret to why such talented people die; what hurts, is that it was so very, very unnecessary! No one would dare stand up to them, and risk their friendship...so both died alone, with people who'd say, "Yes."

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