March 3rd, 2012
06:00 AM ET

On YouTube, teens ask the world: Am I ugly?

By  Sari Zeidler, CNN

(CNN) - Am I ugly?

It’s a question teens have been asking their reflections in bathroom mirrors for decades. But with the prevalence of web cams and the increasing Internet know-how of today’s youth, the already complicated inner-world of teenage angst and self-doubt has taken a not-so-pretty turn outwards.

Videos asking that painful question have cropped up all over YouTube.

Adolescents, possibly as young as 11, are taking to the web and asking the world to weigh in on their appearance.  From supportive messages to the plain pervy, the responses run the gamut.  Comments provoked by these videos offer an interesting cross-section of the American psyche–and it's all painfully punctuated by images of America’s youth searching for approval.

In a video titled “Am I ugly or pretty? Please Let me know!” one young YouTube user says: “Hey guys, this is my first video…but before I post any more videos making a fool of myself, and I know there’s hundreds of videos like this…I just wanna know, am I pretty or ugly?  Cuz at school I get called ugly all the time.”


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