March 16th, 2012
03:37 PM ET

Guilty verdict in Rutgers webcam spying case

By David Ariosto, CNN

(CNN) - A former Rutgers University student accused of spying on and intimidating his gay roommate by use of a hidden webcam was found guilty on all counts, including invasion of privacy and the more severe charges of bias intimidation, in a case that thrust cyberbullying into the national spotlight.

Dharun Ravi, 20, could now face up to 10 years in jail and deportation to his native India. He was also found guilty of witness tampering, hindering apprehension and tampering of physical evidence.

The jury was confronted with a series of questions on each charge. Though it found Ravi not guilty on several questions within the verdict sheet, because he was found guilty on at least one question on each main count, he could now face the maximum penalty.

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Ex-NBA star returns to inner city, brings hoop dreams
Penny Hardaway, left, stepped in to help his friend Desmond Merriweather, whose son, Nick, rose up in the state title game.
March 16th, 2012
01:13 PM ET

Ex-NBA star returns to inner city, brings hoop dreams

By Wayne Drash, CNN

Memphis, Tennessee (CNN) - With just over three minutes left in the state championship, Coach Penny Hardaway called a timeout.

He didn't like what he was seeing. Down by 15 points, his middle schoolers were quitting. It stood against everything he had instilled in them:

Don't use the inner city as an excuse to fail.
You can overcome your circumstances.
Always dream big.

The former NBA All-Star and greatest basketball player in Memphis history huddled his team of 12 together. He looked them in the eyes. He could see his reflection from 25 years ago: young teens from the city's roughest projects longing for positive mentors.

"Just give me all you got," he told them.

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Engage: Presidential candidates on Puerto Rican statehood
March 16th, 2012
12:00 PM ET

Engage: Presidential candidates on Puerto Rican statehood

Engage with news and opinions from around the web about under-reported stories from undercovered communities.

What the candidates have said about Puerto Rican statehood -FoxNews Latino

Female soldiers battle males in staged cage fights -The Los Angeles Times

Have we reached the end of Linsanity? -The New York Times

Why artist Romare Bearden, "the pictorial historian of the black world," turned down a chance to play major league baseball -The Atlantic

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Texas federal court settles redistricting map case, but fighting continues
U.S. Rep. Charlie Gonzalez says he and others hoped to see an even amount of “Latino opportunity districts” in the new plan.
March 16th, 2012
10:55 AM ET

Texas federal court settles redistricting map case, but fighting continues

Editor's note: The next Latino in America documentary anchored by Soledad O’Brien focuses on Latino voters. Click the Latino in America tag below or follow @cnnlia for more updates on other Latino in America stories. This is the third part of a CNN In America documentary series on American voters. Airing October 2012.

By Robert Howell, CNN

(CNN) - Redrawing Congressional voting district maps is never easy. But in Texas, in the midst of this election year, the already contentious process has been made even more volatile with its mix of race and politics.

When 2010 Census numbers showed that Texas’s population had grown enough to gain four new congressional seats, the process of drawing new maps began. U.S. Representative Charlie Gonzalez, also the chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, says with nearly 70% of Texas’s population growth coming from Latinos, he and others in the community had hoped to see a proportional amount of “Latino opportunity districts” in the new plan.

The early maps–created by the Republican-controlled state legislature–left many Democratic lawmakers and minority groups unsatisfied—so much so that they sued in federal court to have the maps redrawn. The protracted fight has caused national ripples as well. The presidential primary has been pushed back twice.

After months of legal wrangling, the case was finally settled late last month by a federal court in San Antonio, but not everyone is happy with the results.

“In this case, the racial gerrymandering, this is probably the worst in 50 years.” That is how lawyer Luis Vera sums up the disputed maps that have come out of the redistricting battle in Texas. FULL POST