July 31st, 2012
12:30 PM ET

Aimee Copeland using new prosthetics, father says

By Steve Almasy, CNN

(CNN) - The 24-year-old Georgia woman who lost parts of all her limbs to a flesh-eating bacteria has three new prosthetics, her father told CNN on Monday.

Aimee Copeland has two hooks she uses for hands and a leg prosthetic but her injured left side where she lost that leg may require one more surgery, Andy Copeland told CNN's "Erin Burnett OutFront."

Andy Copeland said his daughter is racing through rehab and might return to the family's home on August 22.

Even getting used to the hooks didn't seem difficult, Andy Copeland said.

"It's interesting ... after having those hooks on for about 10 minutes she seemed to be able to master the ability to use them," he said, adding that she was able to pick up a pair of shorts she had on her wheelchair at the rehabilitation facility and threw them across her body. "The prosthetist looked at that and said, 'Wow, it usually takes three days for somebody to be able to master the coordination of using those hooks to be able to do something like that.'"

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  1. Khaled Anntar

    Wish you the best Aimee. You have shown courage in the face of extreme hardships. May the Almighty One God gives you more courage! Bless you and bless you soul! THis is only a test for you. The bodies and physical stuff we have in life do not last forever anyway but eternal possessions are in heavens. I have followed your story and I was touched deeply by it. Many people have hands and legs and use them to commit wicked acts while they are not grateful to the Almighty God.
    I wish I can hug you and give you a kiss on your forehead. You look like someone who have just passed through a very extreme course of obstacles. I pray for you a special place in heavens. You have taught us to be more grateful for what we have and not be sad if we miss something or we can't get it.

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