August 22nd, 2012
01:00 PM ET

Driver's license rules fuel new immigration debate

By Catherine E. Shoichet and Mariano Castillo, CNN

(CNN) - Driver's licenses and other state benefits are at the heart of a new battle in the national immigration debate.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer fired the opening salvo last week, on the same day that federal authorities began accepting applications for a program aimed at helping tens of thousands of young immigrants who entered the country illegally as children.

Brewer ordered officials in her state not to provide driver's licenses or any other benefits to immigrants granted "deferred status" under the new federal program, which allows accepted applicants to remain in the United States and work without fear of deportation for at least two years.

Undocumented immigrants take chance of a lifetime

"A lot of these issues are in uncharted waters. In this particular area, which is how do you treat people that are deferred action, there's very little legal precedent to go by," said Muzaffar Chishti, director of the Migration Policy Institute's office at the New York University School of Law. "States are making their own judgments."

That means the actual benefits recipients see could depend on where they live.

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