Pennsylvania high court hears high-profile Voter ID case
September 14th, 2012
08:22 AM ET

Pennsylvania high court hears high-profile Voter ID case

By David Ariosto, CNN

(CNN) - Pennsylvania's state Supreme Court has taken up a controversial case over the state's new voting law, which requires voters to show a photo ID before casting their ballots.

Court spokesman Art Heinz said the case, which is an appeal from a lower court's August 15 decision which upheld the law, is not expected to be resolved by Thursday.

At issue is whether the new requirement will disenfranchise voters during an election season that has already seen a series of high-profile legal challenges over voting procedures.

The law's opponents say the measure undermines potential voters and was passed without sufficient evidence of prior identity fraud.

Its proponents argue that the law instead strengthens voting procedures and protects against potential fraud.

Gov. Tom Corbett, a Republican, said the law, which he signed in March and was passed largely along party lines, "sets a simple and clear standard to protect the integrity of our elections."

After the hearing, Pennsylvania Deputy Secretary of State Shannon Royer said, "It was clear by the lower court ruling that this law is absolutely constitutional.

"Many other states around the country have voter ID laws. Pennsylvania's voter ID law was modeled after Indiana, which was implemented back in 2008 and upheld on solid legal ground. And I'm hoping based on my observations of the justices today, that they'll come to the same conclusions," Royer added.

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  1. john barbera

    Why isn't anyone talking about the amount of money the state of Pennsylvania is makeing on these IDs. Since when did voteing cost money? Most of the people are poor and elderly, and are already having a hard time putting food on their plate. So why aren't they free? Isn't that why, when you register, you get a voter registration card? Did our founding fathers have to show state ID? I'm ashamed that in this day and age, when all our politicians preach to the world about how great America is because of our democeracy,they then try anything to suppress their own populaces vote. Not only will they make money in this election, but every election after since state ID must be renewed every four years. But that's capitalism, and that's America.

    September 15, 2012 at 9:46 pm | Report abuse |