Opinion: Stars align at last for immigration plan
Applicants in Los Angeles line up in August to file for the Obama administration's reprieve from deportation.
January 29th, 2013
11:41 AM ET

Opinion: Stars align at last for immigration plan

Editor's note: Bill Richardson was governor of New Mexico for two terms and represented the state's 3rd Congressional District for 15 years. He is chairman of the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials' executive advisory service Global Political Strategies and special envoy for the Organization of American States. The former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations also is senior fellow for Latin America at Rice University.
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By Bill Richardson, Special to CNN

(CNN) - The stars may finally be aligning for a comprehensive immigration overhaul. Whatever the reasons - and there are many - it's about time.

During my two terms as governor of a border state, there were times when I was hopeful for a breakthrough. But political fear-mongering often ruled the day as immigrants and drugs illegally crossed into the United States and weapons flowed to the south. With every border flare-up, the American public - and their elected leaders - put immigration on the back burner.

I am encouraged by the news that a bipartisan group of senators has crafted a plan and is working on building consensus toward a political way forward. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is also taking an active role and showing leadership on this issue. My hope is that we end up with a truly comprehensive solution that does not tear families apart.

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  1. Gi Jon

    The only people who want reform are frijolera screw that fiercly enforce our existing laws don't tear families apart Deport them together round up the lii illegal at school go to any work place most have some illegal home Deport has a little hut for them who says we can't Deport 30 million illegal remember what obama says yes we can

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