CNN Poll: Obama at 70% among Latino voters
October 2nd, 2012
06:30 PM ET

CNN Poll: Obama at 70% among Latino voters

Editor's Note: In America follows the fight to win an essential voting bloc in Nevada, a battleground state with one of the fastest-growing Latino populations in the nation. Soledad O’Brien reports “Latino in America: Courting Their Vote” at 8 p.m. ET Sunday.

By CNN Political Unit

(CNN) – The latest national survey of likely Latino voters shows President Barack Obama retaining a big lead over rival Mitt Romney in the key voting demographic, matching the level of support he received from Latinos in 2008.

The poll also showed a majority of Latinos said the economy was a more important issue than immigration, and indicated enthusiasm among Latinos is lower than it is among non-Latino whites.

Obama enjoys the backing of 70% of likely Latino voters, according to the CNN/ORC International survey, slightly higher than the 67% of Latinos who voted for him in 2008. Republican nominee John McCain garnered 31% of the 2008 Latino vote. In 2004, 53% of Latinos went for the Democratic nominee John Kerry over the 44% who went for President George W. Bush, according to national exit polls.

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Americans divided on health care ruling
June 29th, 2012
07:29 PM ET

Americans divided on health care ruling

By Kevin Liptak, CNN

(CNN) – Thursday's Supreme Court ruling upholding President Barack Obama's health care law has Americans divided, according to the first survey following the landmark decision.

Friday's poll from USA Today/Gallup showed 46% of Americans agree with the court's ruling, with 46% saying they disagree. Opinions were predictably split along party lines: 79% of self-identified Democrats agreed with the decision to uphold the president's law, while 83% of Republicans disagreed with the ruling.

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Race still a 'hurt line' on comedy club stages
Richad Pryor used the N-word in his standup routine -- then stopped using it after a trip to Africa.
April 10th, 2012
02:56 PM ET

Race still a 'hurt line' on comedy club stages

By Jim Roope, CNN Radio Correspondent

(CNN) - There is one place in America where racism might well be accepted, or at very least tolerated - comedy clubs.

“Race is, like everything, fodder for comedy,” said Dave Reinitz, co-owner of Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, California.

“I think there’s a fine line between racial humor and racism. And some comics cross it. But yes, it is accepted, and it’s funny."

Even he likes a joke based on race at times.

“I can be made to laugh," he said. "Particularly if I know the comic that’s doing it and I know their intent is not to hurt anybody.”


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March 18th, 2012
11:55 AM ET

Poll: Should English be the preferred language spoken in Puerto Rico?

In the days leading up to the Puerto Rican Republican primary, English language comments by Rick Santorum created controversy and may be the reason for losing all 20 delegates to Mitt Romney.

In an interview with El Vocero newspaper Santorum said he did not support a state in which English was not the primary language. "As in any other state, (Puerto Rico) should comply with this and every other federal law and that is that English must be the primary language."

The specific federal law that Santorum was referring to is unclear. There are no federal laws, which require English as the primary spoken language for statehood. And the U.S. Constitution does not designate an official language.

In an interview with CNN Santorum defended his position, "obviously Spanish is going to be spoken here on the island, but this needs to be a bilingual country and not just a Spanish speaking country. It's essential for children in America to speak English to fully integrate and have full opportunity."

Santorum is correct that Spanish is by far the most commonly spoken language in Puerto Rico, but English and Spanish are already the official languages.

A referendum on whether to pursue statehood or remain a self-governing U.S. commonwealth will be on the November 6 ballot.

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Study: Interracial marriage, acceptance growing
A new study says about 15 percent of new marriages in the U.S. were between spouses of different races or ethnicities.
February 16th, 2012
03:32 PM ET

Study: Interracial marriage, acceptance growing

By Ashley Hayes, CNN

(CNN) - Forty-five years after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a ban on interracial marriage, the rate of marriage across racial and ethnic lines in the United States is on the rise, according to a new study released Thursday.

And while such "intermarriages" continue to grow, so too does public acceptance of such unions, according to the study by the Pew Research Center's Social and Demographic Trends project.

The study has left social media sites abuzz with discussion.

"Why do people give inter-racial dating so much lip service?" wrote Tosin Lajuwomi on Twitter. "You like who you like – black, white, blue, orange."

Others were more reserved about what the report reflects.

"I look forward to the day when stories about "inter-racial" marriages are no longer newsworthy," wrote James Burns on the micro-blogging site. "We have far to go."

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January 18th, 2012
01:16 PM ET

Poll: Should felons be allowed to vote after serving their sentences?

By Alyse Shorland, CNN

(CNN) – At Monday’s Republican debate in South Carolina, candidates sparred over whether people with felony convictions should be allowed to vote.

Former Senator Rick Santorum said he supports felons regaining the right to vote after they’ve completed their sentences, and noted that felony disenfranchisement disproportionately affects black voters.

“This is a huge deal in the African-American community, because we have very high rates of incarceration, particularly with drug crimes,” he said.

Mitt Romney said as governor of Massachusetts, he disagreed: “I think people who committed violent crimes should not be allowed to vote again.”

Voting rights advocates say the argument could come up more often in the near future - with 2.3 million people currently incarcerated, states are rethinking whether the court’s punishment is enough, or if people who’ve committed felonies will continue to pay for their crimes through disenfranchisement.

Twenty-three states have eased felon voting restrictions since 1997, but in 2011, Florida and Iowa tightened them. Maine and Vermont are the only states with no disenfranchisement for people with criminal convictions.

“It’s really the first time in a while we have seen significant opposition against restoring rights,” said Marc Mauer, executive director of the Sentencing Project, a Washington-based organization that works for criminal justice reform and advocates for voting rights.


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January 1st, 2012
02:35 PM ET

Which 2011 event defined America?

In America's blog is about our nation's identity and culture.  Our goal is to be relevant and honest about the world we live in, even when it's difficult, and to answer questions about who we are.  In reporting the events of 2012 we ask what is essential to being American and what is non-negotiable.

Now we invite you to take this poll and select which single event in 2011 defined America the most…

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December 19th, 2011
03:13 PM ET

Poll: Would you pay more to get a toy of a specific race?

Niaira Taylor's daughter wants a Baby Alive doll for Christmas, so she stopped at a Toys 'R' Us outside Atlanta to buy the doll. On the shelf, though, she saw that the white doll was $31.99. The black doll - the one her daughter wanted - was $44.99.

The dolls are identical except for their skin colors - Baby Alive dolls are available in skin tones listed as white, African-American and Hispanic.

"The manager, she said, 'Yeah, it's only the Caucasian doll that's 20% off,'" Taylor told CNN affiliate WXIA 11Alive. "So I said 'You mean to tell me I have to pay full price for the African-American doll, but they're all the same exact doll?'"

The answer: Yes.


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December 5th, 2011
04:14 PM ET

Poll: Was it Cain the candidate or Cain's accusers that cut his campaign short?

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain announced this weekend that he suspended his campaign. Support had waned in recent weeks after allegations of sexual harassment and a woman claimed they had a 13-year affair. He didn't officially drop out of the race, but said he suspended the campaign after assessing the impact the sex allegations had on his family and supporters.

He said again Saturday that the allegations are false and that media spin was to blame. Some argue he was undone by the sexual harassment and affair allegations, by ill-explained positions and foreign policy fumbles or by amateur political moves. Some say he didn't capture the collective black Republican support that could've helped him.

"I am not going to be silenced and I will not go away," Cain said, as he announced a new website, TheCainSolutions.com.

What do you think?


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Poll: Should using a discrimantory slur be cause to lose a job?
Director Brett Ratner won't be hosting the Oscars -- he resigned due to backlash after he used a gay slur.
November 9th, 2011
05:08 PM ET

Poll: Should using a discrimantory slur be cause to lose a job?

Movie director Brett Ratner got people angry last weekend when he made an anti-gay remark during a Q&A session after a screening of his latest feature, “Tower Heist.” The comment spawned calls for him to be fired from his job producing the Oscars and it spread like wildfire throughout the blogosphere.

He quickly apologized but critics didn’t let go, and the comment cost him the most coveted producing job on TV.


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