New Mexico governor takes aim at immigrant driver's licenses
New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez has said the law made the state a magnet for people from other states seeking a license.
January 24th, 2013
09:18 AM ET

New Mexico governor takes aim at immigrant driver's licenses

By Gustavo Valdes, CNN

(CNN) - New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez said Wednesday that she plans a new push to repeal the state law allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain driver's licenses.

Martinez, who has tried to get the law repealed twice before, described it as dangerous in a post on her official Facebook page.

"I am once again asking the legislature to repeal the law that gives driver's licenses to illegal immigrants," said Martinez, a Republican. "I am always willing to discuss this issue with legislators from both parties and explore ways to find common ground, but I believe the most effective solution is to simply repeal this dangerous law."

Her comments are the latest salvo in a nationwide debate over the controversial issue.

Some were hopeful that the nod toward compromise was a sign that her approach may have changed from past attempts to repeal the measure.

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November 5th, 2012
12:39 PM ET

5 things to watch in the Latino vote

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By Gustavo Valdes, CNN en Espanol

Las Vegas, Nevada (CNN) - t is already a historic political year for Latinos, who are expected to have a big impact on the election in key states.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney made extraordinary efforts to court the Latino vote, which included their participation at a forum organized by a Spanish-speaking television network that allowed the two to speak directly to the fastest-growing voting bloc.

Even as polls show Latinos care about the same issues as the rest of the nation and say the economy, jobs, education and health care are their top concerns, immigration has been the topic that grabs headlines and one the candidates have focused on to reach Hispanics.

Obama tried to redeem himself for failing to deliver on his 2008 promise to enact comprehensive immigration reform within a year of his election by granting administrative relief to hundreds of thousands of young immigrants brought to the United States illegally. Romney tried to look tough on immigration during the primary season but since has said he would not suspend the relief action and would work on an immigration reform, if elected.

Here are five things about the Latino vote to watch on Election Day:

1. Voter turnout

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Voter laws deter Latinos, opposing group says
An unprecedented number of voting restrictions are disproportionately affecting the Latino community, says a report from Advancement Project.
September 24th, 2012
07:41 PM ET

Voter laws deter Latinos, opposing group says

By Catherine E. Shoichet and Gustavo Valdes, CNN

(CNN) Nearly half of the nation's states have new voting measures that could stop some Latinos from heading to the polls in November, a civil rights group said Monday.

"This year, an unprecedented number of voting restrictions impose barriers to voting that disproportionately affect the Latino community," said a report from Advancement Project, which has also sued to block such voting measures in a number of states.

Monday's report from the organization, which pushes to protect voting rights, was the latest volley in a national battle over such measures that splits largely along party lines.

Advancement Project's report points to three different types of efforts in 23 states that it says will impact eligible Latino voters: efforts to purge rolls of non-citizen voters, proof of citizenship requirements for voter registration and photo ID laws.

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Alabama legislature passes new immigration bill
Seven protesters against the new measure were arrested, an ACLU attorney says.
May 17th, 2012
01:34 PM ET

Alabama legislature passes new immigration bill

By Joe Sutton and Gustavo Valdes, CNN

(CNN) - Alabama lawmakers passed a new bill Wednesday aimed at improving the state's controversial immigration law, but critics said the new measure might make things worse.

Demonstrators protested outside the chambers of the Alabama state House and Senate. Seven of them were arrested, said Justin Cox, staff attorney with the ACLU Immigrants Rights Project.

The Southern Poverty Law Center's legal director was among those arrested, said Marion Steinfels, a representative of the organization.

Police could not be immediately reached for comment.

The center is one of the plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit against Alabama's immigration law.

The new immigration bill, known as HB 658, was approved by the state House and Senate Wednesday.

The state's governor will have the final say, with the power to sign the bill into law or veto it.

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