Black voters support Obama, but warily
Angela Collins struggles with her business and her disappointment with President Obama.
October 19th, 2012
04:00 AM ET

Black voters support Obama, but warily

By Jim Roope, CNN

(CNN) - “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"

That commonly-asked question of  modern presidential elections is being answered in the negative by some African-Americans.

“The last four years for me, have been difficult. They’ve been hard," said Angela Collins, a mother of six. She has a 12-year-old and a 16 year-old still at home, two more kids in college and two grown kids out on their own.

Collins is a hairdresser at a salon called, Hairitage, in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Inglewood. Collins' business is also way down and she says her family has had to cut back to bare necessities.

She says she’s disappointed that President Obama did not deliver on many of his promises to improve the economy and education.

Still, African-American support of Obama is at 90%.

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Race still a 'hurt line' on comedy club stages
Richad Pryor used the N-word in his standup routine -- then stopped using it after a trip to Africa.
April 10th, 2012
02:56 PM ET

Race still a 'hurt line' on comedy club stages

By Jim Roope, CNN Radio Correspondent

(CNN) - There is one place in America where racism might well be accepted, or at very least tolerated - comedy clubs.

“Race is, like everything, fodder for comedy,” said Dave Reinitz, co-owner of Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, California.

“I think there’s a fine line between racial humor and racism. And some comics cross it. But yes, it is accepted, and it’s funny."

Even he likes a joke based on race at times.

“I can be made to laugh," he said. "Particularly if I know the comic that’s doing it and I know their intent is not to hurt anybody.”


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