Immigrant job creator faces deportation
Asaf Darash, an Israeli entrepreneur, has created 15 jobs in San Francisco, yet the U.S. immigration system still places high hurdles for him to stay.
November 16th, 2012
03:30 PM ET

Immigrant job creator faces deportation

By Jose Pagliery @CNNMoney

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) - It doesn't matter that Asaf Darash started a U.S. company and created 15 jobs here. Federal immigration officials might kick him out anyway.

It's not that he did anything wrong. Rather, he's tangled in a web of immigration policies that are tough on entrepreneurs.

Darash, 38, originally came here from Israel for college and returned in 2010 to launch Regpack, a software company in San Francisco. It's growing so fast, the company already needs to add another 10 workers.

But instead of focusing on expanding his company, Darash has been fighting to stay in the country.

To fulfill requests by immigration officials, he's spent half of every day since August searching for bank statements, invoices, payroll, board meeting records and more.

"I'm in bureaucratic hell," he said. "All I do is find documents all day and deal with lawyers and accountants."

That's because he is caught in the immigrant entrepreneur trap. There's no such thing as a U.S. entrepreneur visa, so immigrants are forced to find other solutions.

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