April 27th, 2012
11:56 AM ET

The Los Angeles Riots: 20 years later

Twenty years ago Sunday, Los Angeles erupted in riots that forever changed the city. Some conditions, like the LAPD's relationship with the community have improved, while the areas blighted by the riots still struggle today. Now hear from others as they tell their stories about a time that changed the way America saw race.


1992: The day the music stopped

Lon McQ talks about the day the music stopped when KJLH, a black owned music radio station based in south Los Angeles stopped playing music when the riots began.


Protester 'needed to vent' during riots

When Mark Craig heard the verdict, he was filled with rage. He got in the car with friends from his diverse suburb north of L.A. and raced downtown, ready to express his anger.


Fireman relives day he was shot in riots

Los Angeles firefighter Scott Miller was driving his fire truck through the thick of the riot when a car turned its headlights off and pulled up on the passenger side.


L.A. riots through the eyes of a child

On April 29, 1992, Rosalina Nieves was just 9 years old. After coming home from school, she watched in horror as local TV stations broadcasted live images of mobs in South L.A.


Covering the Los Angeles riots

CNN journalists look back at their coverage of the 1992 riots that engulfed Los Angeles following the acquittals.